Contractor Supply Magazine

April 12, 2017

Forney Industries' Senior Product Line Manager for our Personal Protective Equipment team, Todd Romero, featured in Contractor Supply magazine's April/May 2017 issue. Jump to page 43 or read the excerpt below:


It’s safe to say that work gloves and technology go hand in hand. Looking back a decade or so, work gloves focused on function and provided very few user benefits — leather gloves were made only with animal hide and cotton gloves contained just cotton and fabric. Today, “engineered” and “designed” are essential in describing modern work gloves. As job functions in the workforce increase in complexity, the idea of creating proprietary blends of fabrics and combining synthetic leathers is now more of a requirement than an option. “Forney Industries is listening,” says Todd Romero, senior product line manager. “It’s not uncommon to find a glove designed to serve several job functions. Adding thermal plastic rubber (TPR) patches to string knit and leather gloves is a growing trend. “When a user feels fine about wearing a glove all day long, it proves that the glove is highly functional and comfortable and that we have succeeded. Staying on technology’s cutting edge is paramount to providing solutions to our customer’s needs.” One such example is the ForneyHide Utility Multi-Task Cut & Impact Resistant Glove. The name alone screams “multiple functions.” This glove was engineered with a contoured blend of high visibility, cut resistant fibers on the palm, TPR pinch and crush protection in key contact areas and a Neoprene slip-on cuff that allows easy on and off donning of the gloves. This is the perfect glove for a mechanic, contractor or steel worker.