Welding & Gases Today

April 12, 2017

Forney Industries CEO Steve Anderson in Welding & Gases Today Q1 2017; jump to page 60 to see the article, or read it below: 


A new line of industrial welding machines was a big boost to Forney Industries, of Fort Collins, Colo., in 2016, says Steven Anderson, president and CEO. The machines helped the company sell 10 times more welders than it sold the year before, he says.


To continue to grow sales on the industrial side, Anderson plans to add more staff and make sure distributors see Forney representatives on a regular basis, "not just one and done." Forney is looking to double its number of SKUs and has started repackaging welding accessories for the industrial market using its branding theme, a distinctive green color.


Anderson is hopeful that the economy will improve and that changes in interest rates can make it possible for price increases to succeed. "We haven't seen a price change in four years," he notes.