Forney 220 MP (Multi-Process) Welder, 120/230V

ITEM #: 410


The Forney 220 MP welder brings multi-process welding to the next level. Ideal for anything from do-it-yourself projects to light industrial work, this powerful welding machine features dual-voltage with 120V/240V input power. With a high welding capacity of 1/2 in and 220 AMPs of welding power, this unit is ideal for use on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum (with spool gun). This machine is rugged and technologically advanced with a digital display, all-metal drive system and 3-year warranty.


  • GMAW (MIG)
  • FCAW (Flux-Cored)
  • SMAW (Stick)
  • GTAW- DC (TIG)



  • 120V: 35% @ 90 AMP
  • 240V: 40% @ 200 AMP
  • STICK:

  • 120V: 32% @ 80 AMP
  • 240V: 40% @ 200 AMP
  • TIG:

  • 120V: 35% @ 110 AMP
  • 240V: 40% @ 200 AMP


  • 120V @ 21.4 AMP
  • 240V @ 38 AMP


  • Up to 1/2 inch


  • .024 in (0.6 mm) to .035 in (0.9 mm)


  • Unit weight of welder out of display box: 51 lbs. (23.18 kg)
  • Unit dimensions of welder out of display box: H: 15.5 in (393.7 mm) L: 23.25 in (263.53 mm) W: 10.375 in (590.55 mm)


  • Solid Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron/Steel
  • Aluminum with spool gun


  • All-Metal Drive System
  • Multi-Process
  • Auto Torch Detect
  • Digital Displays
  • Dual-Voltage


  • 12.5ft (3.81 m) 200 AMP PRO-Grip MIG Gun
  • 15ft (4.57 m) Ground Clamp with Cable
  • 15ft (4.57 m) Electrode Holder with Cable
  • 15ft (4.57 m) Input Power Cable
  • Flow gauge with Hose
  • Extra Contact Tips


  • Forney ITEM# 84095 - PRO Grip MIG Gun, 12ft, 200 AMP with Euro (Replacement Gun)
  • Forney ITEM# 85658 - 150 AMP 17FV TIG Torch 12.5ft
  • Forney ITEM# 85655 - TIG Foot Pedal, 25ft (7.6 m) 7 Pin
  • Forney ITEM# 85660 - 150 AMP 17F Amptrol TIG Torch 12.5ft

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30 Days

  • Product: Free of defects in material and workmanship that may occur under normal use and care.

90 Days

  • Welder and Plasma Machines: MIG guns and plasma torches.

3 Years

  • Forney Transformer Based Machines: All internal electrical components that cannot be accessed without removing the cover. The transformer and rectifiers are covered by the 5-year warranty.
  • Forney Inverter Based Machines: All internal electrical components that cannot be accessed without removing the cover.

5 Years

  • Forney Transformer Based Machines: Transformers and rectifiers.

For more warranty information, visit:Forney Industries Warranty Information

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Great machine at a great price! Love it!

by -

I love this machine! Getting the right settings base voltage and wirespeed is fast, and adjusting it while working is super simple,, easy to adjust with gloves on with the rubber covered rugged knobs. Big, easy to read numbers, and I love the quick polarity change out for various processes. Just twist and move your plug, no loosening screws or straps like some other welding machines. The weld process is smooth and consistent and outperforms welders I've had the cost nearly twice as much. It's also very portable and features subtle but important things that make my work more enjoyable. Features like the fans that only run when they need to, which cuts down on shop noise, so nice. Also love the seperate MIG and TIG gas ports! Just a lot to love about this machine and the price is stellar for this quality and features!

Very satisfied!!


This machine is awesome! So versatile and has more than enough power.
Customer service is second to none.
I am impressed . I have always used Lincoln but Forney has the same or better quality at a better price.