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Product Materials

Manuals, quick start guides, specification sheets

Item number(s)Item name(s)Resource(s)
1723Fireman Weedburner & Ice MelterManual
25120 P Easy Weld

ManualQuick start guideSpec sheet

261140 FC-i Easy Weld

ManualQuick start guide​Spec sheet

271140 MP Easy Weld

Manual - English, Manual - French, Manual - Spanish, Quick start guideSpec sheet

291180 ST Easy WeldManual, Quick start guide, Spec sheet
298100 ST Easy Weld

ManualQuick start guideSpec sheet

299125 FC Easy WeldManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
30195 FIManual
302325 P 

ManualQuick start guideSpec sheet

303700 P 

ManualQuick start guideSpec sheet

30495 FI FluxCoreManual
309140 MIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
311210 MIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
314235 AC-DC TIGManualSpec sheet
317250 P+ManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
318190 MIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
319270 MIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
320Flex™ 30 Plasma STManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
321180 ST+ Stick TIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
322140 MPManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
323190 MP with TruSet™ MIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
324190 MPManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
325220 AC-DC TIGManualQuick start guide
326220 STManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
327242 MIGManualQuick start guideSpec sheetSettings chart
410220 MPManual, Quick start guide, Spec sheet, Introductory guide
420220 AC/DCManualQuick start guideSpec sheetIntroductory guide
421220 AC/DC TIG Welder Amptrol PackageManualQuick start guideSpec sheetIntroductory guide
430220 ST ProManualQuick start guideSpec sheetIntroductory guide
44040 PManualQuick start guideSpec sheetIntroductory guide
44545 P PROManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
550Fornair™ 2.5 CFM Air CompressorManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
555Fornair™ 4.5 CFM Air CompressorManualQuick start guideSpec sheet
19054.5" Angle GrinderManualSpec sheet
52720Battery chargerManual
52721Battery chargerManual
52722Battery chargerManual
52723Battery chargerManual
52724Battery chargerManual
52725Battery chargerManual
52726Battery chargerManual
52730Jump startManual
52731Jump startManual
52732Jump start with air compressorManual
52750Bench Battery ChargerManual
52755Wheeled Battery ChargerManual
52760Jump startManual
52765Jump start with air compressorManual
55731, 55732Forney Easy Weld ADF helmetManual
55857, 55858, 55859, 55860, 55861, 55862, 55935, 55936,  55937, 55938, 55939Forney Series ADF helmet, Forney PRO Series ADF helmetManual
55974, 55977, 55978KN95 masksFlyerAppendix A: Authorized Imported, Non-NIOSH Approved Respirators Manufactured in China (Updated: August 19, 2020)
58609Command PRO Face ShieldSpec Sheet
61528Solder gunManual
75545Air line filterManual
85620SpoolPRO Hornet™ SG250

ManualQuick start guide​Spec sheet

85650250 Multi-Machine Spool Gun

ManualQuick start guide​Spec sheet

 Carbide burrsSpec sheet

Heritage/discontinued resources

Item number(s)Item name(s)Resource(s)
 160 Amp MIG-Stick WelderManual, Service bulletin
 Model C-5, Model C5BT, Model CB, Model 310,
Model 301, Model IG-751, Model I, Model 5KGW,
Model A, Model F-100, Model AC, Model F-200 AC-DC Converter
Manual, Brochure
 3 phase DC Silicon Rectifiers Series (3-500 Amp DC Hi Pro Welder)Manual
 Model 435 AC-DC G Welder - Western ArctronicsManual
 5KGW Portable Generator WelderSpec sheet
754685 Gallon Air TankManual
 Model ACV 12E-32A and -42A Air CompressorsManual
 Model BGW 200 Arc WelderManual
 Model C-5BTFlyer, Spec sheet
 Model C6BT, Model CBBT-70 Welder-chargerManual
 Model CB 250, Model C-5Brochure
 Model PTO-15F, Model PTO-20FManual
 D165-D160 Series Hydraulic Hose CrimperManual
 D-1006E - D1062E Engine Driven Generator
Wisconsin Air-Cooled Engines Model THD, Model TJD
 Turbo MIG 80 & 130 Gas/No Gas (DP130)Manual
 Model F-105Manual
 AC Welders - F Series Models, C Series Models,
C6BT, CBBT, C5, Rectifier Models 301-303
141-0, 140-0F-125, F-100, WA-100Manual
 Model F-225, Model FS 225Vw, Model F225B,
Model F225E, Model S-225vW, Model FS-295
 Model F230Brochure
 Model F240Spec sheet
 Model F260 AC BT AC/DC & FT225Manual
 Model F-275Manual
 FG 2000 GeneratorManual
 Model FIG 753 (ArcTron)Manual, Service bulletin
 Model FS 235 AC/DCManual
 Model FS-250 AC/DCManual
 Model FS 295Vw Utility WelderManual
 Three-phase DC Silicon Rectifiers SeriesManual
 Model F-85 DC Welder and AC Power PlantManual
302-EMulti-Arc 160Manual
 Model F-225, Model FT-230, Model F-240, Model F-275Manual
 Model F200P-35M, Model F200P-35EManual
600, 601-0, 605-0, 606-0Model 12EPBPTOC-3, Model PTO-15-1, Model PTO-15-3,
Model PTO-20-1, PTO-20-3, Model PTO
298100 ST Stick/TIG (2016)Manual
306130 FI MIG FluxCoreManual
308180 FI MIG FluxCoreManual
314, 313235FI AC, 235 FI AC/DCManual
317115FI Plasma CutterManual
55652Auto-darkening welding helmetManual
55699AHV-100 SeriesManual

55701, 55702, 55703, 55704, 55705, 55706,

55707, 55708, 55709, 55710, 55711, 55712

Premier Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

Advantage Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

Master Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets

55777FS-2C3 Auto-darkening welding filterManual  
 Spitfire SI225Manual
 True-rate 550, 660, 880 battery chargerManual
 200, 201, 251 MIG welderManual
 VS Series Forn-A-MaticManual
691-E, 692-EWeldanator 200 AMP DC Welder and AC Power PlantManual
 Model 196.205080 Craftsman Wire Feed MIG WelderManual
 180 MIG
Model 196.205040 Craftsman Wire Feed MIG Welder
20569 (402)130 MIG Amp Gas/No Gas Welder
Model 196.205690 Craftsman Wire Feed MIG Welder
Manual, Revised manual
20568 (401)95 MIG Amp Flux Core only Welder
Model 196.205680 Craftsman Wire Feed MIG Welder 
 Western Arctronics 165 SeriesData sheet, Parts list, Parts list -2
 Western Arctronics 970 KitManual
 Western Arctronics Manual Spot Welder Series 165
Serials 2000 and up (all models except 130)
 Western Arctronics FA-178 Series Spot Welder Model 140 - 50 KVASchematic
 Western Arctronics Automatic Spot Welder Series 165Manual
 Western Arctronics Semi-automatic Spot Welder Series 165Manual
 Western Arctronics Model WS230 VWParts list